We have been with you for 7 years in the food and beverage sector with our unique tastes that we have created by blending superior quality with healthy tastes . By combining this experience with your motivation, we are ready to grow together with you, with the aim of bringing Blum quality and difference to more people.

In this regard, franchises will be given to a limited number of investors in locations suitable for our target customers.

Our franchise concepts:

1.Coffee and chocolate concept shop (Corner/Kiosk):

Where our Blum signature coffee and specially designed chocolates shall be offered with a size of 25-45 m2 concept shop.

The same concept is also suitable for a corner or kiosk concept in a private store or a shopping mall, with a size of 10-30 m2, where Blum's signature coffee and specially designed chocolates shall be offered.

2. Blum Classic Concept:

Concept shop of minimum 60 m2 where our menu consisting of breakfast, beverages and gluten-free, refined sugar-free flavors signed by Blum shall be offered.

We kindly request entrepreneurs who have the same vision as us to submit their franchise applications by filling out the form below.

Franchise Başvuru Formu

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