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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is prepared by Coffeeness Coffee Art-Hande Cergel for the determination of the scope of's responsibilities on privacy.

The following items on the Privacy Policy include the rules of information collection and distribution on the website ‘’.

Users who benefit from the services on our site are deemed to have read and accepted the conditions in this Privacy Policy and Lighting Text.


Personal data processed:

6698 No. 6698, the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) in accordance with all other legislation on the subject, your identity, you enter the website or can be determined from your activity on the site, all kinds of information, including your personal data, including all kinds of information responsible for us. We protect, work, use and store it in his capacity.

Some of the personal data processed are provided by the user directly during or after membership, and some personal data are obtained automatically. To register to our User's personally, AD-Soyad, T.C. NO, address, telephone, e-mail address, birthday, contact content and top data, including our site or e-mail, such as information such as information is included in this information.

The personal data that the user does not provide himself but automatically obtained or produced by us is browser cookie information, user processing information (IP address), geographical location data, in -site movements and page ride information, behavioral and customized advertising data.

Before sending us the personal information of another person, you must get the approval of the person that the information will be shared and that it will be processed in accordance with this principle.

The necessary precautions for the security of the information and transactions entered to the website were taken in the system and internet infrastructure by Coffeeyeness Coffee Art-relevant card institutions according to the nature of the information and process. Information such as credit card password is not seen and saved by us. The contact information of our users who registered to is not shared with the third part.

Personal data processing purposes

Your IP address will be used to monitor you and your movements on our site, define your shopping course and collect your open demographic information. Your IP address will be used to eliminate the problems on our servers and manage our website.

You allow us to use cookies on your first visit to our site, allowing cookies to be used every time you visit our website. Cookies are used to provide content in line with your interests in our site, to follow up your shopping basket and to prevent the same ads from being seen.

All collected data are used to provide a better service and service to the demands of our customers.

Personal information sent to us via our site; Managing our website and business; Enable you to use the services on our site; Developing/Improving our site, providing the shipment of the products/services you purchased from our site, sending notification, invoice and payment information and receive payment; Establishing commercial communication external marketing; Send e-mail notifications in accordance with your permission; Providing statistical information about our third parties about our users (but this information will remain confidential for all users); solve complaints and/or requests about you by you or you; Keeping our site safe and preventing fraud; It is used for verifying that our website is used in accordance with the relevant conditions and conditions and for other purposes.

Unless you clearly allow, your personal information will not be forwarded to any third party or to the direct marketing departments of other third parties.

Period of storing personal data

The personal data obtained are stored during the periods required by personal data processing purposes and provided that they do not exceed these periods. In addition, the personal data stored in order to fulfill the legal obligations are also stored for the periods specified in the law. In addition, if the legitimate interests of require the legitimate interests of, personal data can also be stored during the period required by these interests

In case of eliminating situations that require the storage of personal data, personal data shall be deleted, destroyed or anonymously by within the framework of the procedures and principles specified in the Law and the relevant legislation.

Transfer of personal data

Personal data; However, in case of one of the following situations, it can be transferred to third parties at home or abroad.

-In cases where it is necessary (the requests of information and documents of courts or authorized public institutions);

-To protect the legal rights of our company;

-To the buyers or potential buyers of all businesses and assets that we sell or sell,

If the company changes hands, the new data officer will be a real or legal person who takes over the site.

Except for the cases mentioned in this principle, your personal information will not be shared with third parties.

Intellectual property rights

Coffeeyeness Coffee Art-Hande Cergel's Decree Law on the Protection of Brands, patent law and the provisions of the legislation on the prevention of unfair competition; All products and services offered on reserve all other rights in terms of information, photographs and other visual materials. All of the copyrights and other intellectual property rights are the ownership of Coffeeyeness Coffee Art-Hande Cergel.

Member, website all kinds of information, photographs and other visual materials belonging to Coffeeyeness Coffee Art-Hande Cergel, will keep these information and materials hidden, will not use anywhere else and will not disclose third parties, declares and undertakes. "

Privacy and Security

Coffeeyeness Coffee Art-Hande Cergel takes all the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information, and these measures, such as misleading your personal information using the best practices of the sector, exposure to incorrect use, revealing, use, change or delete by malicious persons is taken against the possibilities. When you share your credit card information with us, the information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL). We store all your personal information on safe (protection of password and firewall) on servers.

Although no transfer method through the Internet or electronic storage does not have 100 % assurance, we follow all PCI-DSS requirements and apply generally accepted additional industry standards. You agree that data transfer over the internet is not safe by nature of the Internet and that we cannot guarantee the security of the data sent over the internet.

If you violate our service conditions or if we are requested to reveal your personal information before the laws, we can reveal your personal information. If you select a direct payment gate to complete the purchase process, Shopier will store your credit card data. Your data is encrypted by payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS). Your purchase data is stored only by the time when it is necessary to complete your purchase. After the process is completed, your purchase data will be deleted. All our direct payment passages, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and so on. The joint effort of the brands is in compliance with the standards set by PCI-DSS managed by the PCI Security Standards Council. PCI-DSS requirements guarantee that all credit card information is used safely by our store and service providers of our store. You can visit the Shopier page for more information (

It is your responsibility to keep the password you use to access our site confidential.

Changes in Privacy Policy and Lighting Text has the right to change this privacy policy. It is the responsibility of users to follow the changes in the principle of confidentiality regularly and learn new updates.

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